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  1998   "Saitenstrassen", Roadmovie. novel about the Sixties
Fischer Media / Licorne, ISBN 3-85681-380-2, CHF 29.–
e-book only in German.


"Die Insel hinterm Mond with audio CD, by Licorne
ISBN 3-85654-853-X, CHF 29.–,
Special audio edition
CD with sounds from the island: CHF 25.–
Literary award of Berne 1993
Island beyond the moon, english translation e-book
l île derrière la lune,
french translation e-book



 Jimmy Flitz       Kids' Corner


"The Child in the Tower" children's book in English,
illustrated by Brigit Herrmann, CHF 29.– ISBN 3-85654-973-0

in German: ISBN 3-85654-968-4.

For Orders of English copy in Switzerland

  1996   "Die Bärenfastnacht", (About the Bernese Carneval),
Fischer Media/Licorne, CH-3280 Murten, ISDN 3-85681-331-4; CHF. 29.–

ABC Dino Xenegugeli • Swiss quality edutainment • 5 languages





Book "Xenegugeli, Animals-ABC", 28 children's songs and pictures in Swiss German dialect plus 5 more languages,
Sound Service, CH-3073 Gümligen; ISBN 3-908250-32-3; CHF 29.–
enegugeli-Notebook: ISBN 3-908250-54-4, CHF 24.50
Picture Book also as german e-book, and als french e-book


CD "ABC Xenegugeli, animals-ABC", 26 children's songs in Swiss German from Ameisi to Zitteraal
Sound Service, CH-3073 Gümligen; CD: ISBN 3-908250-33-1 MC: 3-908250-34-X; CHF 29.–
«Golden crown» award: recommended!


CD Xenegugeli-Gold-ABC 26 new ABC songs in Swiss German from Ameisi to Zitteraal.
ISBN 978-3-03739-283-6, CHF 29.–/ € 20.–

ABC Dino songs in English, French, German, Spanish, Swiss

ABC english   2012  

CD ABC Xenegugeli, animals. 26 children's songs in english with• Clare de Lune
Picture e-book.• «Golden crown» award: recommended!
App on iPhone/iPad.




CD ABC Dino Xenegugeli • 26 songs in german
26 animals songs and e-Book and animated german App



CD, ABC Dino • 26 songs in french
26 chansons by Roland Zoss
with e-Book and animated french app.




CD, ABC Dino, Abecedario • 27 songs in spanish
26 canciones y e-Book y la aplicaciòn espanola

iphone xenegugeli





ABC Dino Xenegugeli
the alphabet in 5 language Apps, a work-of-art for iPhones & iPads
26 animals pictures • 26 animal sounds • 26 animal songs • iTunesStore

Lite-version, English, French, German, Spanish, Swiss(!) dialect
Children from age 3 learn the letters of the alphabet within a week. Enjoy the beauty of pictures, sounds and songs.



Muku-Tiki-Mu Children's WorldMusic in Swiss German at its best! With translations in HIgh German and four other languages.
Picture book with 66 instrument photos, ISBN 3-908250-46-3, Sound Service, CH-3073 Gümligen, (Playback-CD included in the book) CHF. 34.–
«Golden crown» award: recommended!


Muku-Tiki-Mu Children's WorldMusic in Swiss German, Sound Service CH-3073 Gümligen;
CD 1 ISBN 3-908250-44-7
(MC 1 ISBN 3-908250-45-5)

CD 2 ISBN 3-908250-47-1
(MC 2 ISBN 3-908250-48-X)
each CD 29.– / MC 19.–

English album on iTunes featuring US singer Michael Mish

  2002   "Güschi - And the Secret of the Echo Grotto".
A colorful children's picture book about the Swiss Alps (in German).
Sound Service, CH-Gümligen; CHF 32.50

Güschi stories with music in Bernese (Swiss German dialect), SoundService, Gümligen
«Golden crown» award 2003: highly recommended!
Part 1: «Güschi und Jimmy-Flitz wärde Fründe»
CD 1: ISBN 3-908250-55-2
MC 1: ISBN 3-908250-56-0

Part 2:«Schlurpf findet d Echohöhli»
CD 2: ISBN 3-908250-60-9
MC 2: ISBN 3-908250-61-7


Part 3:«Güschi findet e Fründin»
CD 3: ISBN: 3-908250-70-6.


Part 4:«Güschi u der Niam-niam-Boum»
CD 4:ISBN: 3-908250-71-4

Part 5: «Güschi fyret Geburtstag»
ISBN 3-03739-009-3
Part 6: «Ärdkristall & Stärnestoub»
ISBN 3-03739-010-7
Güschi-Prices: CDs: CHF 21.50,

Fairy tale musicals sung in beautiful Bernese Swiss German

«Liedermärli» 1: «Rumpelstilzli» and «Jorinde & Joringel»
«Golden crown» award: recommended!
ISBN: 3-908250-74-9
CD CHF: 24.– (no cassettes)

«Liedermärli» 2: «Hans im Glück» and «Sächs chöme dür die ganzi Wält»
«Golden crown» award: 3d place!

ISBN: 3-908250-81-1
CD CHF: 24.– (no cassettes)

«Liedermärli» 3: «Schneewyttli» and «Dornrösli»
«Golden crown» award: 2d place!

ISBN 3-908250-94-3
CD CHF: 24.– (no cassettes)
«Liedermärli» 4: «Tapfers Schnyderli & Brüederli und Schwösterli»
«Golden crown» award: 2d place!
ISBN 3-908250-94-3
CD CHF: 24.– (no cassettes)


Lullabies & Babymusic

«Slumberland • World Lullabies»
with Idan Raichel (hebrew), Anna Murphy (english), Marta Gomez (spanish). Soon to come!

«Slumberland 1»
«Golden crown» award: recommended!
Swiss German Lullaby
ith Shirley Grimes vocals & Asita Hamidi, Harp, CD CHF: 29.–
CD: ISBN 3-908250-85-4
MC: ISBN 3-908250-86-2

«Slumberland 2» a journey into children's dreams, CD CHF: 29.–
CD 2: ISBN- 3-908250-91-9
MC 2: ISBN 3-908250-92-7
«Schlummerland book, notes and lyrics, CHF: 29.–

ISBN: 3-908250-93-5

Our hit from Schlummerland 2 «Bärengeburi-Bubuland» 2009 on "European Playground"
Listen one of the most beautiful lullaby albums (swiss german) Slumberland

CD Angels Music
meditative guitar for babies and parents.
With 9 angels painted by Barbara Bühler.
Conception & arr. Roland Zoss. With a great master of guitars: Jean-Pierre von Dach.
Download this outstanding album with artwork booklet: iTunesStore worldwide

9 angels video.


Jimmy Flitz

«Jimmy-Flitz» a music serie« • Golden crown» awards 2008: highly recommended!
Patronage Switzerland Tourism • Informations about the Swiss mouse.


Episode Jimmy-Flitz1 a mouse in search of «Vreneli the mother of the Alps»
Songs and radio play by Büne Huber, Marco Rima, Corin Curschellas, Christine Lauterburg, Hanery Amman and many other Swiss artists
ISBN: 3-03739-032-8, CHF 29.–/ € 20.– each

Episode Jimmy-Flitz 2
ISBN: 3-03739-033-6

Episode Jimmy-Flitz 3
ISBN: 3-03739-034-4

Swiss Christmas musical Jimmy-Flitz 4
23 song, jodel, choirs, rap. With over 50 participants and famous Swiss artists such as: Steff la Cheffe (rap & beatbox), Christine Lauterburg (jodel), Tinu Heiniger & Roland Zoss (songpoets), Nyna Cantieni (soul), Res Schmid (swiss örgeli), Julian Sartorius (drummer of Sophie Hunger) Download hereVideos & Photos

Swiss Christmas notebook with all the songs
Sold in Switzerland by Helbling Verlag - or iTunes as e-Book

Episode Jimmy-Flitz 5
ISBN: 978-3-03739-324-6

Episode Jimmy-Flitz 6

Jimmy-Flitz book, 112 pages, illustrated with magic Swiss landscapes.
German, published by Riki. Jimmy Flitz e-book

Switzerland world music two kids albums «European Playground» and «Sing-along» Putumayo
Roland Zoss sings in charming Swiss bernese dialect the «Krokodil» an «Bears Birthday Land».

Jimmy-Flitz Hits, 21 songs with Roland Zoss and various Swiss stars
ISBN: 3-03739-071-9

All CDs: CHF
29.–/ € 20.–


CD «SingDing» 19 songs about things. A brillant work in lyrics and sounds.
ISBN: 978-3-03739-263-8. iTunes

Golden Crown award 2011
album of the year
Zorro on stage • Concert Video




Free for fansm Jimmy Flitz Jimmy FlitzApp
A fascinating free game with music and colourful illustrations.
The app shows boys and girls how to get dressed. Age 3 and older.

JimmyFlitz puzzle book
Distributed on Swiss Air Lines and in the Münster cathedral of Berne.
Shows the beauty of Switzerland in 4 languages. Age 3 and older.
4th edition 2013, 200'000 copies



  1981   LP "Roland Zoss" ACT 2310 (Cover: Gottfried Helnwein)
Download • iTunes

  1983   LP "Sternstunde" MOR 32026
Download • iTunes

  1985   LP "Die Ewigkeit klopft an", ©RZ 003
Download • iTunes

  1989   CD "Fly my soul", © RZ 004/RZ 005, CHF. 28.–; Videoclip
Songs in english: The whale, Fly my soul, Stay here... on iTunes
  1998   CD "Best of Zoss " «Saitenstrassen», belonging to the novel "Saitenstrassen", Literatur & Musik Nr. 7940;
Download • iTunes
CHF 32.–, In German language
German novel - eBook
: ISBN 3-85681-380-2;


CD «Härzland», RockPop Poetry in Swiss (Bernese). A journey to the heart of things. 60 minutes of songs of outstanding beauty with great choirs.
Universal Music, Switzerland, ISBN: 3-03718-432-9
Nr. 100 506-2, CHF. 29.–

Download Roland Zoss on iTunes, EMusic.




All songs & books downloads
iTunes Stores

A marvelous combination of great narrative and excellent animations makes this educational app one that every parent should own.

ABC Dino • App
a work-of-art for kids


ABC Dino • songs
and singers

Clare de Lune, Canada
english ABC

Colette McDevitt, Ireland

Michael Mish, USA
some animal songs
iTunes, EMusic.

Mauro Guiretti, Argentina
spanish ABC

Roland Zoss Swiss ABC
german and french

Concert videos

Swiss International Air Lines review

More reviews and photos

Putumayo World Music

- mouse rock
Eseli Elia - raï pop

Rock poetry
in Swiss german

Lullabys from Schlummerland

Train to slumberland

other Slumberland
songs in Swiss

Fairy tale musicals in Swiss
Rumpelstilzli - fairy tale
Schneewyttli - fairy tale

Swiss Christmas musical

1992 Honorary Doctor of Literature, WorldCongress of Poets
1993 Literary award of Berne:"The Island beyond the Moon"
2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 "Golden crown awards" for childrens works

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