The Child in the Tower (Das Kind vom Turm)
a Swiss children's story by the famous bernese author and songwriter Roland Zoss. Here the ABC Dino-App and JimmyFlitz the Swiss mouse 
Illustrated by Brigit Hermann



A poetic tale from the medieval city of Berne - Swiss Capital and World Cultural Heritage. Written by Roland Zoss, award winning Swiss author and evocatively illustrated by Brigit Herrmann, whose subtle imagery stirs the soul.

: "In the heart of Europe lies a small country; in the middle of the country is a small town. And in the middle of the town stands the tower. Sometimes all you can see of the town is the tip of the spire peeping out of the fog, and in the distance the pink snow-capped mountains.
Here Lucy lives in the sky, high above the roofs. Tourists tell her about the wonders of the world. Lucy is happy. She is the first to wake up. The rays of the sun are shining directly onto her bed. She lives in the sky with a wonderful view over the city. When the wind blows from the south the warm air brings the Alps almost within reach of your fingertips: the Eiger, the Münch, and the Jungfrau are so close, that you feel you could touch them and smell the snow."
Sometimes Lucy wishes she had a brother, or a father, who would rock her. Fortunately there is Jimmy-Flitz, the church mouse. The most famous singing mouse of Switzerland, called the Swiss mouse.
He looks so terribly poor and so ugly with his buckteeth, like a worn-out toothbrush. And what a cheeky one he is! What a gift of the gab he has - sharp as razor blades. Oh yeah, the pigeon and the church mouse are Lucy’s best friends. When the evening comes in the town, an old man looks up - is there a light in the tower? Lucy is already asleep. The whole city is asleep. Even the bears in the bear pit. The pigeons are huddled in their cosy nests under the church roof. In the sky you can see the Great Bear wandering on his way and four little friends travelling Switzerland...

Listen to some music of the man with the mouse…


The Child in the Tower, 32 pages, © Roland Zoss 1994, CHF 29.– / € 19.– ISBN 3-95654-973-0.

© 1994 German text by Roland Zoss, illustrations by Brigit Hermann.
Translated into English by Simon D. Hicks.
Editor: Markus F. Rubli, Licorne-Edition, Ryf 54, CH-3280 Murten/Switzerland
Tel: ØØ41 Ø26 670 21 50

© All rights for the duplicating on electronic medias, photocopying or further printing of this book are reserved by the publisher and the artists.


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Roland Zoss on stage in 2009

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About the Author
The author, poet, and songwriter, Roland Zoss was awarded the Bernese literary award for his first novel,
Island beyond the Moon in 1993.

The singer represents the great diversity of his small contry on Putumayo world music albums.
His mouse JimmyFlitz became a SWISS stamp in 2010.

Download of songs
by Roland Zoss

Rolands favorite things are:
Going for a walk eating an apple. Playing soccer. Cuddling. Cultivating mimosa trees from Australian seeds. Planting trees. Eating chocolate. Observing whales. Playing the guitar and inventing stories and songs for children. Writing and basking in the sun on his
Island beyond the Moon.
North of the Swiss Alps he fights against the cold in the soul.

You are invited to visit Roland's German language page: "Das Kind vom Turm",

About The Illustrator: Brigit Herrmann received the "World Graphic Award" in 1993 for her works.

Her favorite things are: Drinking tea. Getting along with people. Being with people with whom she could go to the end of the earth.
Walking towards the full moon. Running barefoot through a summer thunderstorm. Smelling damp moss. Slipping back into her warm childhood soul.