«MUKU-TIKI-MU», Children's WorldMusic, the original since 2001
40 musicians, 68 instruments, made possible by the UNESCO commission and WWF Switzerland

Animal songs in other languages: spanish, french, german, swiss german.

 «MuKu-TiKi-Mu» - these multicultural children's songs about animals and their habitats are meant to be bridges between cultures.
25 songs, 11 cultures, 20 music styles, 11 singers and as many as 66 musicians playing various exotic instruments of the world.
Roland Zoss - poet and ambassador for kids - presents with his outstanding work in 2001 the first swiss multicultural childrens music album.
The rock song about the mouse JImmy Flitz is our hit!
Here you get more information about JimmyFlitz the famous Swiss mouse!
Here you can download the great Jimmy Flitz playbook for kids (4MB)

The Muku-Tiki-Mu book includes notes and lyrics in Swiss German and High German as well as a playback disc.
You find some of the songs sung by US singer
Michael Mish in English.
Songs in Swiss by Roland Zoss on Putumayo world music: Bärengeburi-Bubuland 2009, Krokodil 2012

Animals work-of-art ABC«Dino Xenegugeli» in 5 languages
English by Clare de Lune (Canada)
Spanish by Mauro Guiretti (Argentina)
French and German and Swiss by Roland Zoss (Switzerland).

Concert videos & songs by Roland Zoss

In 25 songs and 25 music styles, 40 musicians, singers and two children's choirs give us their emotions.
Each song is another musical landscape. Local multiculture wins over global monoculture. And for once, Rock and Jazz, Folk and Volksmusic, Ethnic and Classical music are all united, too.

These instrumentalists belong to a generation who is open to the world, a generation who moves effortlessly on the global stage of the new millennium.

Song-CD «1»:
1. Jimmy-Fritz hear the Mouse rocksong
2. Chinchilla & Zobel
3. Marmot (Waltz-Jodel)
4. Ibex(Son-Latino)
5. Millipede (Rap)
6. Wolf (Folk-Ballade)
7. Donkey Elia (Raï-Pop)
8. Red Panda (Indochina-Ethno)
9. Wolverine (Funk)
10. Parrot (Nonsense)
11. Gazelle & Leopard (Baroque)
12. Yak (Tibet-Ethno-Hymn)
13. - 78. Parade of instruments in tone & photos
Song-CD «2»:
1. Piggy Paula (Folk-Blues-Pop)
2. Rhino (Beat)
3. Gorilla (Afro-Pop)
4. Anaconda snake (Tango)
5. Shark (Hard Rock-Ballade)
6. Dugong (Asia-Ambient)
7. Kangaroo (Australo-Reggae)
8. Snail (Dixie-Jazz)
9. Flamingo (Bachata-Latino)
10. Cicadas (Sirtaki) .
11. Otter (Fifties-Rock)
12. Güshi-Song (Pop-Rock)
13. Dromedar (India-Raga)

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Swiss German/ English:

For children who do not understand Swiss German, some of the song lyrics have been translated into english, some into french and spanish:
Swiss German: Biber (Otter song)
«Bibabalooba-bysset Biber
Bibabalooba- Bisset i die Birke - du mi Bibermeite u mi Biberbueb!»

1. Dr Bibervatter hockt am Ufer fuu
chratzet sech am Buuch u rüeft de Junge zue
wo dert am Stamm vo ne re Birke gnage:
«Jitz dalli dalli machet chley dir Chnuppesager
leget mer dä Boum de öppe-n ändlech um!»

2. D Bibermamma schwümmt em Ufer na
touchet em ne coole Fisch hingerna
ging e nasse Hals, ging e blutte Buch
trotzdäm liest die Dame nie der Pfnüsu uf
wüll sie hett en ächte Biber-Mantel aa

3. D Biberbuebe und o d Bibermodi
putze sech u brichten y dr Biberburg obe
eis hett es bitzli Zangweh vom Gnage
aber alli gigele u biberle bim Bade
u de geit scho Sunne hinger de Bärgen abe

Gogeret da ufe pfuuset Biber
Gogeret da ufen y d Biberburg
alli myni Biber - alli myni Biber - alli myni Biber - hopp - u schlafet guet!

English: the "Otter" song
This English version uses the "otter" instead of the "beaver" in the Swiss German song – for cultural reasons.
Go to the english songs featering Michael Mish on iTunes.

"Bi-ba-ba-luu-ba, swim my otters!"
"Bi-ba-ba-luu-ba, swim and splash all day,
you my Otter daughter and you my Otter Boy!"
Otter Daddy swimming in the river, lazy,
scratching his tummy, yelling like crazy
at his pups, playing a fast game of tag:
"Come on now, boy, before you start to brag,
you're way too slow, your sister tagged you long ago!"
Down the river swims the Otter Mommy,
diving and catching a fish, so yummy!
She's always soaking wet from head to toe,
but she never, ever, gets a runny nose,
'cause she is wearing her very own otter fur!
The Otter Boys and Girls are swimmin' fast,
gossiping and grooming, hopin' the day will last,
only one otter's not swimmin' like he oughta,
but all of them giggling and shivering in the water,
for the sun is now setting behind the hills.

"Bi-ba-ba-luu-ba, sleep my otters!"
"Crawl into your otter hollow and yawn,
all my little otters, all my little otters,
all my little otters, quick now, and sleep till dawn!"

© 2001 concept, lyrics and music by Roland Zoss.

Arrangements by Stefan W. Müller. Mixed by Eric Merz. Mastered at Greenwood Studios, Nunningen, Switzerland
This album would not have been possible without the support of several sponsors:

All artists in Roland Zoss'
«MuKu-TiKi-Mu» project :


Müller Stefan W.
(Keys, Arrangements)
Kohli Christoph
(Vocals, Choirs, E-Bass)
Capitanio Mario
(several Git.)
Kuratli Fabian (Drums)
Zoss Roland
(Classical Git, Voice, Arrangements)
Rigert Stephan (Percussion)
Holzherr Hans (Pedal-Steel-Git.)
Wüthrich Wege (Sax, Clarinette)
Müller Georges (E-Git. & Western-Git)
Schori Markus (Sarod, Tambura)
Lehmann Stephan (Tabla, Vocals)
Bobade Sujay (Bansuri, ind. Flöte)
African und Irish: Rebekka Ott and Basuru Jobarteh (Gambia)
(Irish Harp, Kora)
Staicos Nicos (Bouzouki)
Angeliadis Jorgos (Baglamas)
Australo - Asian:
Winkler Tin (Didgeridoo)
Sarah Hopkins (Whirlies)
Wang Xiao Jing
(Erhu, chin. violin)
Namling Loten
(Dran-yen, tib. Lute)
Baroque music:
Jaggi Manuel (Travers Flute, German Flute, Hammer-dulcimer)
Hildesheimer Koni (Baroque Oboe)
Birnstiel Martin (Baroque Cello)
Trachsel Peter (Clarinette)
& Rita (Tenor-Banjo)
Swiss folklore:
Lauterburg Christine
(Vocals, Jodeling)
Schmid Res (Schwyzerörgeli/Accordeon)
Zoss Roland (Swiss German, Russian, Greek, Hindi)
Djamila Tahar-chaouch (Kabyle)
Alice Bordoloi (Hindi)
Jorgo Angeliadis (Greek)
Wang Xiao Jing (Mandarin)
Namling Loten (Tibetan)
Wymann Michael (Rock singer)
Morgan Nick (English)
Kids choirs:
Gerhard Zahnd (Switzerland)
Marcel Rutschmann (Mozambique)



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Listen to some songs on MP3 (in Swiss German)
"Bleib hier" - a love song
"Xenegugeli"- a ballade
"JimmyFlitz" - a Rock 'n Roll
"Eseli Elia" - a Raï Pop


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