«Saitenstrassen» a road movie about the SEVENTIES

"This book is a song of 240 pages about the power of music, the blues, of being on the road, and the search for freedom.
Painted in sometimes impetuous pictures on the background of a great decade"


Roland Zoss presents a musical-literary homage to the presumed dead Swiss musician M.Blinz, in his first novel.
It is a brilliant piece of prose. Including encounters with Greatful Dead, Mayan priests, Salvatorian military police, and a huge romantic heart..
Listen to the radio interview with the author live on KCFB Santa Barbara in fall 1976 after a concert in the "Troubadour" in L.A.

Critics: «The author transforms language into perfumes and sounds, into impressions and landscapes, with intense and stunnig pictures.»
Literary commission of the City of Berne, on handing over the literary award.
«Out of his sensitive poems speaks a brilliant writer, leading us through the wide dimensions of thinking and feeling.»
twm, BUND

the book 1998, published in German at Fischer/Switzerland,
ISBN 3-85681-380-2 •
e-book (in German)


The CD "Saitenstrassen" with the songs to the book
physical or as download


"The rhythm took him by the hand, leading him through the fourth dimension where time and space touch each other.
Micha was riding through these spheres like others ride on horsebacks or motorbikes.
Wide open spaces. A trip into forgetting, to the heart of sound where only dancing emptiness exists."


© 1998 Copyright by Roland Zoss




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