Roland Zoss, a master of soft sounds
takes you to the realm of childhood - to Slumberland with two magic albums
in Swiss dialect

find here: "Slumberland World Lullabies"
with Anna Murphy, Idan Raichel, Marta Gomez and other friends

Coverwork by Holger Schöpflin, © 2004

Sleep is precious - and dreams are sacred! The lullabys «Slumberland» sung originally in Swiss dialect sound as if they were ancient tunes. Roland Zoss, Swiss childrens singer and novelist composed this touching album and plays it with musicians from Ireland, Persia, Sweden and Austria and Switzerland. They bring us to the place we all come from: to the land of our childhood. The voices are done by Shirley Grimes and Roland Zoss.
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Here you find our newest album without words: ÄngelsMusic A meditation about 9 angels for children.

Slumberland band in the studio: Wolfi Zwiauer, Shirley Grimes, Roland Zoss, Asita Hamidi, Björn Meyer.

Swiss distribution by Sound Service
Slumberland-CD 1:
ISBN 3-908250-85-4, CHF 29.–/ € 19.–

Roland Zoss also featured by
Michael Mish
on iTunes

Lyrics and Compositions by Roland Zoss © 2004

Recording, mix and mastering:
Helge van Dyk
Backyard Berne & Powerplay Maur / Switzerland

CD Slumberland 1

1.Train to Slumberland, (mp3)
2. Lila-lu-la (Man in the Moon) (mp3)
3. The little prince
4. ***Unicorn (english by Colette Mc Devitt)
5. A thousand tiny snowflakes
6. Great Lord - small toad
7. Star trip
8. I love you
9. Come Mama
10. The Sandman
11. Ship to the Great Bear
12. My little flute
13. I hear a bell (trad. Swiss)
14. Sleep little baby (Nanna-na-na)

Listen to some more Slumberland songs on the Swiss Music Site: mx3!







CD Slumberland 2

1 The ship leaves 5’00
2 Song to the animals 2’48
3 The tiny witch 2’21
4 Ghost song 2’22
5 Come my baby sleep 1’00
6 *** Bärengeburi-Bubuland 2’27
7 The white wind 2’47
8 Maimona 1’47
9 The island 2’37
10 **Der Wal 4’42 (La baleine, / The Whale )
11 The sandman 1’42
12 On the milky way 1’36
13 The hairy fairy (Duett) 2’22
14 Dear God 1’14
15 My handful of heart 2’32
16 Sunbeam (Song to the newborn) 3’57

*** Bärengeburi-Bubuland also on the world music album Putumayo «European Playground»


Shirley Grimes • Roland Zoss • Lea Zoss • Stefanie Yeboah

Asita Hamidi: Harp
Wolfgang Zwiauer: Guitar, Bass, Udu, Metallophone, Melodica
Shirley Grimes: Guitar

Björn Meyer: Tenor-Guitar, Bass, Udu, Joe McHugh: Percussions, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Uillean Pipes
Roland Zoss: Guitar, Glass harp

Helge van Dyk, Asita in the Studio

Schlummerland-Trio • circus tour 2007

jimmy flitz
Children concerts • tour dates


1992 Honorary Doctor of Literature, XIII.World Congress of Poets, Haifa
1993 Literary award of Berne for the story:"The Island beyond the Moon "

2000 - 2006 "Golden crown awards"! for childrens works

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