Swiss ABC DINO Xenegugeli • animal ABC
in 5 languages by Roland Zoss
Golden Crown Award »best quality for children« iPhone & iPad

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Animated pictures, letters, animal songs
The lovingly crafted programm by Roland Zoss is a miniature work of art for youngsters - and fun for adults too. 26 animals, one for each letter of the alphabet, are represented in image and songs, guiding your child to master the letters of the alphabet in a playful way.
The Xenegoogeli is undoubtedly one of the most attractive ABC-Apps available. It has become an instant classic thanks to its combination of songs and couloured drawings in outstanding quality. Now in 5 languages and e-book. On all devices OS.5 and higher. High resolution animations.

iPad Xenegugeli
A charming Video animation • another Video demo

How it works • in english
On the welcome screen music is heard. With a finger swipe, the user advances to the picture for the letter “A” – as in anaconda. The image of the animal fills the screen.
The name of the animal and the relevant letter are pronounced, harmonising smoothly with the colour drawings.
By tapping twice on the screen, the user causes the animal to turn around. The upper and lower case versions of the letter are shown. Numbered arrows indicate the sequence and direction of strokes required to form the letter. The guided application accepts only the correct sequence. When the letters are written correctly, they turn green. The card then flips over and the depicted animal becomes animated and loudly produces its natural sound, followed by a sequence of the related song.

Because children enjoy seeing the animal in action repeatedly, they playfully learn the letters of the alphabet. "Xenegugeli" is not only a wonderful multi-media learning tool for young children, it is also a lovingly rendered presentation of the animal kingdom in image, animal sound and song.
At the end of the tour, the impressum appears. here the songs and e-books including the lyrics are available for purchase in 4 languages through a link to the iTunes-Shop.

German ABC and Schwyzerdütsch


Comment ça marche • en français icon_F
Le jeu commence par la mélodie du Xenegugeli. Quand on passe son doigt sur le dessin d’un animal, on entend la prononciation de la première lettre et du nom de l’animal.
En touchant deux fois le dessin de l’animal, on arrive à l’exercice d’écriture. Il consiste à écrire correctement la lettre en majuscule et en minuscule avec le doigt, pour que l’animal s’anime et fasse du bruit. On entend alors un extrait de la chanson dans la même langue.

Como el ABC funciona • en español icon_ESP
Al principio podrás escuchar la melodía del Xenegugeli. Cuando hagas clic en la imagen con los animales, pronuncia las letras. Pinchando dos veces más en el cuadro con el animal, llegarás al ejercicio escrito. Si anotas correctamente las letras minúsculas y mayúsculas con el dedo, el animal tomará vida y oirás su sonido. Tambíen podrás disfrutar de un fragmento de la canción sobre dicho animal en el idioma correspondiente.
26 animal song in five languages

abc english
Album download • English by Clare de Lune

Picture ebook

french xene
Album download • French by Roland Zoss

Picture ebook

Album download • Swiss German by Roland Zoss
Swiss Book in Swiss stores

Album download • 26 new songs in Swiss
«Icebear videoclip»

Album download • German by Roland Zoss
Picture ebook

Album Download • Spanish by Mauro Guiretti
Picture e-book soon

The Music
50 musicians play in 44 songs, 3 singers interpretate the titles composed by Roland Zoss

Videos Xenegugeli in concert ( Walisellen/Switzerland)
For more videos look for "Roland Zoss"


Are you a good Dino Xenegoogeli observer?
Join the club.

You need patience, because dinos are very shy. Its best loved place is the remote Swiss woods. Dino Xenegoogeli loves warmth. Wintertime it passes sleeping in bear caverns or on mossy banks.
Go singing through the forest and your chances will be great, because Xenegugeli is very attracted by children's voices.
Dino Xenegoogeli loves eating maple or cloverleaves. Pine roots and honey for desert.
Because the Xenegugeli is at peace with himself, it does not look for company with humans. It prefers scratching his back on a tree.
If you read all this and did like it: be welcome in the Club! The Xenegoogeli feeling will very soon show up. This strange inner happiness when everything is smiling at you. If you meet someone being sad and lonely. Tell him of our search for the dino, invite him to our club. Or just sing him the Xenegoogeli song. Or ask him: «Did you xenegoogle today?»

«An art work
for your eyes and ears!»
Over 15'000 copies sold in Switzerland

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A marvelous combination of great narrative and excellent animations makes this educational app one that every parent should own. iphoneapprewiev • 4.5 stars

The sounds and music are great for creating mental associations whilst learning the letters. What is great too is that besides the lite version you can also download it in four other languages.
So that you can introduce the concept of a foreign language from early on.
Educational Apps • 5 stars


Lite Version

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Animal songs

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Xenegugeli book in Swiss
english e-book, 34 ill. pages,

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Notebook available, CHF 24.50
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the works of Roland Zoss

Produced 2009/2013
© Xenegugeli
all rights by Roland Zoss


45 animals in different habitats and landscapes of the planet (illustrations Holger Schöpflin)
alpine glaciers (eagle, vulture), himalaya (yak, yeti), arctic ice (penguin), pasture (horse, cow, bull)
forest (owl, badger, sloth, koala, unicorn, xenegugeli (mp3), bear), jungle (tiger, gorilla, jaguar, orang-utan, quetzal, parrot)
sea (dolphin, seal, narval, jellyfish, kingfish), beach (iguana, flamingo), savanna (zebra, lion, rhinoceros, elephant, gnu),
desert (wallaby), moor (salamander), river (anaconda, hippopotamus, crocodile), tundra (mammoth)
lawn (worm), garden (dog, goose, sparrow, hedgehog), city (fox)

click on the hippo to see the ABC-App animation