Jimmy-Flitz - a sweet mouse and four animals are hiking trough magic Switzerland. Book (german)- radio plays (Swiss german) and stamp.
A Swiss dialect story by Roland Zoss. Suppored by Swiss Tourism. Feat. some great Swiss storytellers and music stars.

Klick on the Christmas album Jimmy Flitz Nr 4 to ge informations.
The cheeky mouse is also present on SWISS International Air Lines, and as a Swiss stamp and as free App.
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In fall 2015 episode 5 and 6 of the Jimmy Flitz Swiss mouse stories will follow. With more Swiss singers and poets.


Do you know the charming ABC Dino Xenegugeli?
Check the alphabet with the animal songs,the sounds and the animated art illustrations! in 4 languages. Here the english, and the lite version.
Here the charming video that shows how it goes.

ÄngelsMusic • 9 angels • one hour of music for the soul

In concert, Jean-Pierre dissolves into his music to such a degree that you have to close your eyes in order to see him.
This is to say so his first “solo album”, a colorful mosaic stone in the life of a fine musician
All of the sounds on the nine angels in this ethereal album were produced with acoustic or electric guitars, along with a metallophone, a cello, a shaker, a mouth harp and an out-of-tune piano.
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Listen to the songs:
«The Fly Song» by Corin Curschellas or the free song by Roland Zoss in a Pop version !
More Songs by «Vulture» Büne Huber, the «Krokodile Locomotive» Hanery Amman, the «Vreneli» Christine Lauterburg, the «Ice flea» Lea Zoss or the «Cockroach-Mariachi» Saul de Angelis.

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More informations to the stamp of Jimmy Swiss

Jimmy-Flitz - journey trough Switzerland © 2008 story & music & radio play: Roland Zoss

Viviane Dommann