«Thanks that you are listening to me
instead of reading the news.
Time is money, and my words do weight less
than the dust on your sill.»

A poem from «Ohrenblicke», (Ear Flickers) © 1991
Writer & musician & producer

«Roland Zoss belongs with Herbert Grönemeyer
and Konstantin Wecker
to the great german songpoets!»

Rolf Zuckowski producer/composer, Hamburg 2005

«The author transforms language into perfumes and sounds, into impressions and landscapes, with intense and stunning pictures.»
Literary commission of the City of Berne, on handing over the literary award

...for me the most authentic children program today. «Slumberland» is close to kids, paedagogically perfectly adapted to their world. Musically with best notes! A. Tschanz, Swiss Tour DAS ZELT 2007

«Out of his sensitive poems speaks a brilliant writer who is leading us through the wide dimensions of thinking and feeling.»
twm, BUND

«Distant islands are as much his domain as the realm of the word or the empire of the inner self!"
B.Häusler, BERNER BäR

«Is here in this literature a new romanticism being created? Is it a turning away from a super technical world, a going back to the roots?»
Der Beobachter

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The Writer and Songpoet

Since 1979 Roland Zoss has been singing about the longings of a generation for emotional warmth and open-mindedness about the world. As a sensitive singer and gifted lyricist he often glides ahead of time on the wings of poetry.

Roland Zoss is a narrator and soft rebel who goes his very own way, creating gentle songs that open the doors to your soul. He is a man moving between the cultures of Europe and the world, between words and sounds, between children and grown-ups.His poetry and music thrills many not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany, Australia and the USA.

The Children's musician, singer and producer
Some highly acclaimed recordings and books:
"Xenegugeli"; "Muku-Tiki-Mu" (World Childrens music),
"Gueschi", "Slumberland". Swiss Christmas
All works
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Roland Zoss becomes very popular with the lovely Album trilogy about Swiss mythologies and
the mouse Jimmy-Flitz. In 2010 the Jimmy Flitz became a Swiss stamp and in 2012 an App. Roland produces since 1999 with many Swiss singers, and international labels as Putumayo.
The cheeky mouse flyies as musical ambassador for kids on board SWISS International Airlines


The Biography

Born in 1951 in the sign of «Leo» in Berne, Switzerland
1975-82: Study of Anthropology, Languages (German, French, Italian), Music and Painting at the Universities of Avignon, France, and Berne, Switzerland.
Took long trips to Latin America, Australia, India, and the Mediterranean. Working as a deleguee of the international Red Cross.
1987-2004 he teaches languages, literature and rock music at a vocational school as well as at the Academy of Booksellers in Berne.

1993 he gets a literary award for his novel «The island beyond the moon»,
2005 start as an independent singer and author for kids
2009 Singer and composer on Putumayo World music. Producer of a five language quality ABC app for kids.

2013 Swiss Christmas with 50 musicans & choirs

The Xenegugeli project

«ABC Dino» app with 26 animated animals and songs in 5 languages

Songs from the radioplay of thet mouse «Jimmy-Flitz»
Swiss trilogy main theme

Some songs in english feat. Michael Mish or iTunes or EMusic

CDs and books
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stamp jimmyflitz


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